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Why DataLyse?

A general purpose tool for all data science and machine learning tasks. Boost your productivity with the following features.


An intuitive natural language tool for data analytics, serving as a no-cost solution for both individuals and businesses.

Model Builder

Create and validate machine learning models effortlessly using natural language instructions for variate of problems.


API that facilitates the seamless integration of analytics tools with business data sources, ensuring effortless information retrieval and data analysis.

Fraud Detector

An advanced model designed for the detection of fraud and anomalies across various types of data.

More on DataLyse

Brilliant Platform to Build Machine Learning Models.

DataLyse is a Machine Learning powered platform designed to help individuals and businesss perform data analysis and modeling using natural language. This allows users to interact with data and perform complex analyses without the need for extensive programming knowledge or expertise in data science.

DataLyse aim to make data analysis more accessible and user-friendly by leveraging advanced natural language processing techniques and machine learning algorithms. By using simple, intuitive language, use can ask questions, perform calculations, and generate visualizations to gain insights from their data. This approach can help businesses make data-driven decisions more efficiently and effectively, while also empowering individuals to explore and understand data in new ways.

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Any Questions? Answered

Here are some of the most asked questions about DataLyse.

DataLyse helps you with your data analysis and modeling needs. Provide it with the necessary information such as dataset you want to analyse, the questions you want to answer, or specific task you want to perform.
DataLyse is currently free.
For DataLyse API integration contact us here.
DataLyse Platform has been developed by Camel Labs. Camel Labs is a company that specializes in developing innovative data analysis and modeling tools.

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